August 2010
iQRite to commence shipping Dual Touch interactive touch frames in early September after intensive development and product enhancement.

July 2010
iQRite announces the HoloDesk DJ Mixer to bring large interactive touch virtual displays centre stage to the dance floor. Sizes range from 32″ – 74″ and are offered with 3 display image polymers. The digital surface screens are 10mm thick.

April 2010
iQRite announces new performance standard for its kitset single and multi touch interactive frame overlays. iQRite has developed a manufacturing method that allows the touch frames to be IP65 Rated for performance in difficult environments such as outdoor digital signage and kiosks. The IP65 Rating classification is for (6) Dust tight and (5) Protected against water jets. The new standard will be available as option with orders and is now available.

April 2010
iQrite is pleased to announce the Elements Multi-Touch Software for programming on Windows will be distributed completely free of charge and is now available on request.
Programmers and integrators should simply send an email with their details to Please ensure you include your company name, phone number and if sent from a free email address please send full name, tel number and address.

March 2010
The iQRite interactive programme “Elements” will be made available in a special Education Partnership Programme. Tertiary entities should contact iQRite by sending this email.

March 2010
Dual touch up to 100″ possible on new iQRite frames. 10 Point Multi Touch anticpated up to 150″ by Q3 2010.

March 2010
Milestone reached as we commence manufacturing to customer orders for 10 Point Multi Touch and Single Touch kit set frames based on latest generation technology.

February 2010
10 Point Multi Touch and Single Touch capability converge into one unified kit set frame. Controller determines capability.

January 2010
10 Point Multi Touch International Pricing scheduled for release mid January.

December 2009
iQRite MT Touch Frames enter final test phase for 10 point multi-touch a capability in test lab.

November 2009
iQRite frames installed into global telco retail concept store in Singapore.

1 November 2009
New Zealand soft launch of iQRite Interactive Frames begins.

7 August 2009
iQRite 10 point Multi Touch capability currently undergoing development and 10 point multi touch beta testing. Anticipated Q4 2010 launch.

17 July 2009
The iQRite Interactive Kitset Touch frame with single touch is now shipping internationally.

Interested integrators, resellers, country distributors, end users are invited to contact ICE AV Technology Ltd. +64-9-414 2348.

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