How to Purchase

The purchase process is relatively straightforward.

Determine the size of the touch frame you require.
If you are fitting to a LCD, Plasma, Projection screen etc, determine what the image area should be by measuring the width and height.

Standard Sizes
We may have a standard size already from the huge size range or can supply a custom size if required. In which case we will advise the closest inner active area dimensions / diagonal and quote you according to your size, quantity and Reseller Status. Our Terms and Conditions will be enclosed at this point.

If this is acceptable we will forward you our Pre-Production Planner to confirm the various technical aspects. After you have completed this we will review all the details and then forward a Pro-forma invoice for your payment action. This will be quoted in $US dollars and contain payment instructions to our bank account with Travelex.

Non Standard Sizes or Custom Requirements
In numerous cases we find that a customer requires a non-standard size. The iQRite advantage allows us to provide very flexible size requirements.

Please request our preproduction planner. It is a free download however you will need to request it from our Sales Department. Please ensure that all your contact details etc are in your email as this is a restricted document.

We will quote you for the frame x qty with our Standard Terms and Conditions. If you accept this we proceed to pre-manufacturing preparation, where we will create a pre-production schematic drawing showing all the inner and outer dimensions. This drawing needs to be signed off as being correct and emailed back to us.

We will then create an invoice for payment.

Upon receiving your payment we will schedule your order for manufacturing and subsequently commence production. Please note we are unable to commence manufacturing until we have received your payment.

Delivery Target
Please note that due to demand production time needs to be scheduled ahead of time. Any delays from the client side in finalizing their order will push production time out. Occasionally our staff also are entitled to holidays, training or their may be component shortages. Please be patient if these aspects affect your delivery time. Our primary goal is to ensure delivery as quickly as possible with quality manufacturing and well tested products. For larger frame sizes we implement a longer testing time. All iQRite products are tested prior to shipping.

Your order will be ready for delivery approx 21 working days later. This may vary slightly according to production volume at the time, holidays, component shortage from our suppliers etc.

We look forward to discussing your project.
Tel 0064-9-414 2348

2 Responses

  1. Hi, I wnat to use in the LCD 42in to simulate the oiverhead panels on the Flight simulator X.IAnd the price…

    • Dear Alberto.
      Thank you for your email. That is a great idea to use our 42″ LCD monitors as the overhead switch panel in your simulator. We have a number of form factors including the panel mount fascia …simply cut the hole lift the panel in and secure from the 14 front panel screw holes with aviation styled bolts and you have a professional finish. As the front panel is flat around the bevel edge of the screen it will really fit in well.

      The screens as you already know can be fitted with internally integrated touch panels that are dual touch – ideal if you required the panel could accept two switch commands at the same time. Depending on the sophistication of your simulator you could take advantage of the having one of our internal computers fitted within the LCD panel. Note also we have the panels in both standard and high definition. Please check your email account as we have sent the pricing and brochures to you directly. Others can down load some of the brochures here in this reply. For pricing, shipping and further information contact:
      ICE AV Technology Ltd
      Tel +64-9-414 2348
      International Sales & Technical Manager – Kevin Andreassend

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