Customer Inquiries

Thank you for taking the time to visit iQRite Interactive.
We really do welcome your inquiry and believe we have a solution that can meet your needs.

Simply leave your request in the comment box below or sue the email links below and we will shortly respond.

End User Inquiries
Please note if you are an end user who wants to use the Magic of the iQrite frame and requires a price please contact us on this link.
Make sure you tell us the image area dia and width and height. This is a good starting point to ensure we get the correct information to you. Once your inquiry is logged with our Sales Dept we will send you a pre-production planning sheet to ensure that every detail is correct.

Partner Inquiries
If you are a reseller, distributor, integrator, programmer and wish to partner with us or source iQRite frames as a business solution please ensure you send your full details, web site link etc. Please note, ensure that you use your official company email address as we do not send out trade, dealer pricing to free email addresses such as hotmail, gmail etc. This is because we wish to maintain the confidentiality of our pricing and IP. This enables us to ensure the integrity of our international reseller network. Thank you for your understanding.

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