Interactive Screens with Projection

iqrite logo_smiQRite Interactive solutions are based around a core set of technologies what when combined together allows a wide variety of methods, applications and display technology to work together in new dynamic ways.

iQRite external Touch Frames are perfect for any brand of LCD and Plasma TV or Monitor manufactured. The universal attachments and fitting materials allows a wide variety of options from bracket clamps, velcro and industrial tape.

In addition the iQRite Frames are perfect for projection applications and can turn a white board, printing write-on-board, window projection, rear and front projection screens into full interactive surfaces up to 4m wide. For 10 point multi touch currently the sizes will be limited to 52″ diagonal.

We have an extensive range of projection screens that are suitable for interactive front and rear projection. You can view an independent evaluation of these screens at these links.

ICE Duriroll, ICE HoloContra, ICE Contra, ACRYLITE 7D513

ICE Duriroll and ICE HoloContra

ICE Dupix – Angel View evaluation

ICE Dupix General Introduction

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