Multi Touch is fast coming to your desktop, table, wall, projector and monitor

Over at the The Windows Blog they’ve got a new post up introducing the Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7. Microsoft is starting to windup the excitment about Windows 7 and Windows Touch. On the Microsoft Surface team, they’ve also got an additional reason to be excited. They have been working very closely with the Windows team on bringing multi-touch to Windows 7 and some of the very special applications in the Microsoft Touch Pack. They are highlighted in the blog post today as the one year anniversary of the Windows 7 multi-touch demo at D6. Go check it out and learn about all the multi-touch goodness coming to Windows 7.


The “Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7”, is a notable step that has been announced this month. The Microsoft Windows 7 Touch Pack is a set of six games and applications which are designed for multi-touch PC’s and will be ideally for the iQRite Touch Frames. The software pack consists of 3 games and 3 Multi Touch surface applications. The Software Touch Pack is available for PC makers who have the option of installing the software on touch-ready systems. Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7 consists of Surface Globe, Surface Collage, Blackboard, Rebound, Garden Pond, Surface Globe and the Surface Lagoon screen saver.

Microsoft Surface Globe: It shows you the whole world in 3D with its Virtual Earth 3D engine. You can navigate to different regions, you can get local information and “tag” your favorite locations apart from flying around 3D models of buildings in some cities. Google maps looks comparatively rather lacking to the Microsft Surface Globe.

Microsoft Surface Collage: Users can manipulate digital photos using their fingertips to resize and and organise. The photos can also be arranged to create personalized desktop backgrounds. After the photos have been arranged as you like, it’s simple to save your collage and make it your desktop background.

Microsoft Surface Lagoon: It is a screensaver which recreates the natural environment of water and schooling fish. You can use the multi-touch to interact with the fish, by rippling your fingers and the fish gathers around as you press down.

Microsoft Blackboard: You can solve a puzzle game of physics by creating a nifty machine on the virtual blackboard. It allows the users to use their gestures to build a virtual machine of gears, fans, seesaws etc.
Microsoft Garden Pond: This application is a modern version of the Zen garden which allows you to guide your Origami creations around the peaceful ponds and pools with your fingers.

Microsoft Rebound: This is an electrified version of air hockey which can be played online against the computer or your friend.

The applications are good examples that demonstrate how the “TOUCH” will change the way you will interact with computers. The Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7 is is an example of immersive experiences software developers created for Windows 7 and multi-touch. However to make it all come alive at your finger tips you will need to have a Windows PC that supports Multi-touch so that you can start to explore the above applications.

iQRite Kitset Touch Frames will be fully compatible in the near future with multi touch capability allowing any monitor, laptop, computer, rear projection, wall and table surface, plasma, LCD, CRT monitor, front projection to be deliver a Multi Touch experience.

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