LCD Touch Screen – Series eWiniQ

iQRite LCD Dual Touch Panels (Series eWiniQ)

We have now introduced our Dual Touch integrated LCD industrial Panels. Series eWiniQ. These ship as a fully integrated dual touch display without external attachments. They are available with or without built in computer which is available in a variety of specifications. In the series are full marine grade monitors and waterproof units.

In addition to eWiniQ series we have other a variety of solutions coming on stream to provide options and flexibility.

In this video link we demonstrate dual touch with Google Earth. The displays are ideal for a wide variety of commercial applications, from planning surfaces, digital signage, kiosks, interactive store, museums, art galleries and retail engagement.

Sizes for internally integrated dual touch are 42″, 47″, 52″. The 57″ and 62″ sizes are only available as single touch. 42″, 47″ and 52″ are now shipping.

However by using the iQRite external mounted Multi Touch Frame we can go up to 100″ with Dual Touch capability. We are able to offer 150″ dia covering for larger wall projects.

We are able to supply an extensive range of integrated industrial LCD panels with a variety of touch technologies, built in PC, custom cabinet housing, various form factors  such as:  Chassis Mount, Chassis Mount Rear, Open Frame, Rack mount, Panel Mount and Bezel finishes. The Dual Touch capability incorporated in this monitor range known as the Dual Touch Integrated LCD Monitor uses a different hardware touch product than the iQRite Kitset Touch frames.

Now by using our dynamic range of hardware solutions to meet your touch requirements we are in the unique position of mixing, matching and customising your solution. For example if you would like a particular 42″ LCD monitor with built in computer and with an iQRite Kitset Multi Touch 10 point frame Touch Frame then this option is easy to achieve.

Series eWiniQ

Each monitor can have numerous options included, integrated PC, wifi, RFID, touch. This provides endless opportunities. They can be used in portrait mode, content can be rotated. Custom inputs like AV in addition to the standard. With and without audio. Options include in the series to have stainless steel and full marine grade.

Extensive range of sizes and even custom colours.

Open Frame LCD

Open Frame industrial LCD with metal case

Panel Mount LCD

Panel Mount LCD

Rack Mount LCD

Rack Mount LCD

Chassis Mount

Chassis Mount LCD

Open Frame LCD

Open Frame LCD

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