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New Zealand 20 March 2011
Multi touch frame development continues with excellent progress and we wish to confirm that MT frames will now ship with 10 point touch. Expected shipping date targeted at early April 2011. This is an addition to the Single and Dual Touch Controllers range of controllers.

Auckland, New Zealand. 1 January 2011
iQRite Division is pleased to provide forward notice that the Dual Touch iQRite Kitset frames will commence shipping in February 2011.

The launch of the Dual Touch version has been fraught with numerous challenges that meant missed release dates and a complete revision of hardware. The aim of the Dual Touch version is to not just offer the two finger possibility but to deliver the world’s most accurate and effective Dual Touch experience in any area of the screen. This has meant for example overcoming the corner and side area inaccuracies that plaque other IR frames on the market.

The Multi Touch experience with three fingers or more is well under way and is an extension of the Dual Touch development programme. An announcement will be made when the Multi Touch iQRite frames will commence shipping. The Multi Touch capability and number of touch points will be advised at that time. iQRite Kitset MT touch frames will be considered ready for market when the experience will exceed customer’s performance expectations. Please revisit this site for further updates on this exciting development or subscribe to updates at the Subscribe button.

Auckland, New Zealand. Dec 21 2011
The iQRite Kitset touch frames have had a new driver release to further enhance their capability and performance. It is compatible with all iQRite Single Touch kit set frames shipped to-date.

Briefly including the following Points:

1. All mouse functionalities, such as mouse hover, mouse drag, left click, right click and middle click can be use more effectively and with more ease. The right click touch equivalent is achieved with more ease.

2. Added the mutiple language support for device configuration: This allows personal customization of the language for the device configuration interface with over 30 supported languages.

3. Various the functions of the middle click: you can access the scroll function more easily.

4. With the new version software, when you remove or pull out the other components of the computer or the display, this will not influence the working status of the Touch Panel.

There are many places we made improvement for our Control software, we do recommend you to upgrade them that you can use our IR touch panel for your application better.

If you have not received your update drivers please contact +64-9-4142348 or email

Auckland, New Zealand. 19 January 2010
iQRite Interactive is pleased to announce the the proprietary software Element, the easy-to-use Multi-touch Development platform for Windows and the iQRite Multi Touch Frame.

This now means that iQRite 10 Point Multi Touch Frames allow any surface, FPD screen, projector, window, table, or floor surface to now be fully interactive on any Windows platform from Windows 2000 and later.

This is a significant break through as clients using Windows XP can now use true multi touch without upgrading to Windows 7. Of course Element is fully compatible with Windows 7.

With Element, the development of your Multi-touch application can be done in minutes not hours! It was built from the ground up specifically for development of Multi-touch applications. It is robust and easy to learn by leveraging the powerful features of Visual Studio.Net.

Element will enable application developers to develop multi-touch enabled applications effortlessly on Microsoft Windows based systems. Element works on all Windows based systems including Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2007 and Windows 7 without any special installation procedures. Systems require .Net framework 3.5 runtime to be present.

Element delivers all the gestures required. Pinch, Zoom, Rotate, Flick, Tap, Move… They are all available in Element. You can focus on your development on Multi-touch application in minutes without worrying about the nuts and bolts of touch handling.

Further details on Element will be announced in due course. Element is scheduled for shipping in Q1 2010. Please click here to request further information

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