5 Unique Features


The iQRite Touch frames come in two categories with glass panel or without glass panel. In essence this relates to the frame extrusion to cater for different screen widths, and therefore the wider the frame the thicker the glass must be for safety reasons. For certain models the client does have the option to source the glass at their location and to fit. This uniques aspect offers hugh saving s in freight cost to customers, making the iQRite Touch frame very affordable.

Any Size Cutting technology
The unique design allows us to use a perfect fit that matches every display and physical dimension. This factor alone minimises huge cost implications for retro fitting to a variety of same size monitors and displays. The unique design means that production costs of a variety of sizes is dramatically reduced enabling quick turn around and with the increased costs so often incurred with other brands and technology. We are able to manufacture your frame according to the outer edges of the selected panel display bezel down to a fine 2.5mm in both directions.

Never before has there been such a wide and diverse range of sizes and display formats and the situation is only getting worst. This has the potential to increase touch screen problems as a 17″ screen for example might have 3 different sizes creating headaches for many touch screen suppliers. This has one significant factor for many clients as they face increased costs as smaller OEM orders are implemented. Thankfully the iQRiteTM Touch frame completely eliminates this problem by providing a single universal fit with all the benefits of a custom design without any increased costs.

High Precision Touch Plug n’ Play
The iQRiteTM high precision touch frame is the result of many years research and development. The Infra Red (IR) iQRiteTM touch technology offers a higher degree of accuracy with near pixl perfect touch resolution using instant USB plug n’ play connectivity.

Most existing designs are still based on software interpolation techniques however this techniques lacks the ability to physically improve the touch accuracy. Essentially this is caused by the physical barrier of the size of the optical sensors. This is where the patented IR technology in the iQRiteTM Touch Frame directly converts the physical signal magnitude, changing into touch coordinates when the physical object passes through the IR diode matrix. The technique is also able to recognise the touch object size.

Extra Ambient Noise Filtering
Almost all kinds of optical transmission devices need to handle the light interference problem. In the main the infra red light emitted by a photo diode fom a IR Touch screen is interfered with by natural and artifical ambient light. The flourescent light solid state ballast can produce a wider band of interfering signals, natural sun adds induced light noise and as a result the touch solution works irregularly. By incorporating an extra thick 3-5mm IR filter, the iQRiteTM Touch Frame has significantly improved the reliability with a notable increase in the sensing touch performance. This increase in performance is particularly noticeable in difficult environments delivering peace of mind to the user and an enjoyable touch experience.

Universal Installation with Adjustable Bracket
Almost all flat panel displays have no standard bezel or shell thickness, as the sizes vary with each brand, the latch or hook can never be deployed directly and into the right position. Now having an adjustable hook which supports every desired position to be fasten and locked, along with the combination of the sliding slot and L shaped hook allowing instant installation and calibration without damage and hestitation.

Each hook can secure about 10kg for the purpose of safety loading. Normally the 4 locking latches are more than sufficient for any touch panel. In addition the hook latch design is concealed when viewed from the front viewing direction. The low profile design easily integrates into the pleasing asethtic appearance. The fixing technique ensures a high quality professional made for purpose finish instead of straps and tie downs.

Sliding Slot Design
Many designs require complicated integration, some often applying adhesion to the surface of the display which requires an expert to fit. Alternatively others use a hook design, but most displays have various bezel designs with no standard design ensuring compatibility. iQRiteTM Touch Frames use a patented smart sliding slot design providing a flexible adjustment of the hook position enabling integration with any display panel. This system allows a straightforward no fuss technique to turn and display device into a touch screen without a high degree of technical expertise or special and tools.

Latest Update
April 2010 – iQRite has developed a manufacturing method that allows the touch frames to be IP65 Rated for performance in difficult environments such as outdoor digital signage and kiosks. The IP65 Rating classification is for (6) Dust tight and (5) Protected against water jets. The new standard will be available as option with orders and is now available.

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