Pictured is a mobile LCD display fitted with iQRite Touch Frame. Touch computing

Pictured is a mobile LCD display fitted with iQRite Touch Frame. Touch computing

Interactive Whiteboards


Window Displays

Interactive Art

Desktop Computing

Interactive Walls, Tables and Windows


iQRiteTM Touch Frames and Panels work successfully in various implementations such as:
Business Collaboration, Digital signage, Shopping Guide, Business meeting, Interactive Presentation, Interactive Education, Commercial training, Public Kiosks, Multimedia,Digital Widgets, Digital Catalogue, CAD/CAM Applications, Exhibition Trade shows,Display Stands, Museums, Photography shops, Kids Education, Digital Photo Frame, Medical Applications, Point of Sale System, Control Centre, Military Control System, Embedded Equipment, Stock Exchange Display System, Power Station ControlSystem, Security Control System, Interactive Real Estate Display System, Interactive Hotel Directory, Department Store Information Display, Gaming Machines, Retail store window, Class room whiteboard, Interactive projection, Rear Projection TV, LCD Screen Interactive Poster board, Out-of-Home Advertising, TV Studio.

Multi Touch frames create a range of exciting opportunities, such as military planning tables, interactive entertainment surfaces, interactive museum windows, walls and tables. We welcome partnership with application and software developers who wish to make their applications available through our channel.

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