MT & Win 7

iQRite is your hardware interface to existing Windows OS that eliminates mouse use and enables direct interactivity on the screen. Todate most programmes on the computer are based on point and click, zoom, scroll and drag. The iPod and other devices are among the first to have introduced a number of multi touch features.

With Windows 7 you will engage with your desktop in a completley new way and will set the direction in what should become the next change in GUI interaction in a computer environment. Up till now touch screens have really been an onscreen emulation of the table top mouse which as had various subsequent forms including the in air gyration mouse and touch pad.

Overview of Windows 7 multi touch features

Overview of Windows 7 multi touch features

Here we introduce Reed Townsend and Yochay Kiriaty as they explorer multi-touch in Windows 7. They will cover basic out of the box support for legacy applications, as well as for applications optimized for multi-touch, and explain the “Good, Better, and Best” programming model.

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