Show Case

In this category we are going to show case and feature various innovators in the interactive field. We will cover predominately Multi Touch though not exclusively.

Hopefully their work and installations may give you ideas for your own projects, instigate how you might use the iQRite Touch frames.

If you have done some creative inspiring work that you feels meets the standard drop us an email at iqrite at with details.

We would like to feature the work of Josh Blake

Josh has created a number of multi touch applications. In this video he shows us some of the cool multi-touch and Natural User Interface (NUI) applications he designed and developed for Surface and Windows 7.

The InfoStrat.VE map control for WPF and Surface is available for free at

Paul D’Intino
CHALKmt is a multi-touch chalk board application that he made using AS3. CHALKmt allows multi-user/multi-touch interaction of Chalk Boards that can be scaled/rotated/moved and even wiped clean!

You could be next.

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