Build a Multi Touch Pad with your pocket money

Seth Sandler has put this easy to understand video together which demonstrates how with a few simple tools and materials it is possible to create a multi touch project that will engage any one with a slight bent towards the scientific and some engineering ability (cellotape up a box and make a hole!)

With some ingenuity this multi touch project, would make an excellent school project to introduce students to the world of software, engineering and computer set up. By using low cost materials you might have or easy to come by, the web cam is probably the only item you might need to purchase.

This uses Front Diffused Illumination, with normal ambient light (infrared not required or needed) and a normal off-the-shelf webcam (IR filter can still be in place).

See how the students become engaged in this public showing at UCSD Music Center using Audio Touch. Note that in this case a projector has been added.

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