Does Windows 7 herald in a new era of GUI interfaces

As operating systems go, Windows 7 certainly will give a major boost in the Microsoft camp, similar to what the iPhone did for Apple. What both these camps have in common is to drive a new way of interacting with content through multiple touch points and manipulation.

Have you noticed that there is a fundamental way emerging that has gone behind the point and click. Imagine your business card has an embedded code that when placed on a multi touch surface it might for example bring up content in your field of expertise or when you touch the photo and slide it to the other side of the screen to your partner that that it takes on the feel of a live organic image.

Windows 7 is certainly an important ground breaking introduction for the multi touch community and takes it main stream, however hardware and OS systems alone can not make multi touch persuasive for the masses. At least not until the software developer community gets behind multi touch in a big way and starts to create and deliver exciting new applications. For those in the programming community who catch on earlier will be the ones who get the head start.

There are a number of emerging players in the market that are starting and offering innovative touch experiences however iQRite believes we aint seen nothing yet as this technology starts to emerge from geeksville into mainstream.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer took to the stage in New York Thursday to launch Windows 7. In a day of worldwide events, Ballmer took on the role of chief salesman hoping to convince consumers and business to migrate to the new operating system.

D6 (All Things Digital) Conference Windows 7 Multi Touch Demo
Julie Larson Green after the Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer Chat with Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher.

For those who have not had a chance to catch their breath yet here is a link covering a multitude of topics on the new Windows 7.

iQRite Division intends to be an enabler of innovative touch experiences and is keen to talk with collaborators world wide.

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Many PC distributors and resellers are counting on Multi Touch to become their next wave of sales as Windows 7 hits the street 22 October 2009. Exhibitors are counting on touch to give them that edge to their static displays. In store touch is becoming the persuasive way to allow customers to engage with cataloques and product information.

With the growing demand for touch screen in the classroom, desktop, digital signage, entertainment now it is the time to secure a position.

The savvy business owner understands that it is far more profitable to be a leader rather than a market follower and for those with a solid business, sound financials and a vision to grow, then iQRite touch frames become the vehicle to enhance your bottom line.

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