Global Education Partnership

This is a forward announcement calling for expressions of interest. We are at the initial stages of formulating a global partnership programme for education and researchers that will package Elements multi-touch software and a 10 point iQRite multi-touch Frame for teaching, learning and development.

Our intention is to make it a simple no fuss and affordable way to enable interactive courses, media departments etc to easily integrate Multi touch into their study programme.

The iQRite MIT Education Programme is only available for registered and recognised tertiary colleges and schools etc. Open to all countries and level of study.

Some of the benefits will include:
– Access to very special hardware pricing.
– Ability to use the very latest MT technology (we went into production last week).
– Opportunity to show case student work.
– Unique software licensing arrangements.
– Common and open community of encouragement, recognition and innovation.
– Ability for graduating students to publish their profile and show case their work.
– Be an active member of the multi-touch industry.
– Opportunity to partner with iQRite resellers in your region.
– Achieve recognition in expos for the work coming out of your programme.
– Ability for students to create an income stream for work they produce during and post your course.
– Connecting students and programmes around the world using a common hardware platform.
– Sharing of experiences and resources suitable for the iQRite frame.
– A well known platform for creating local and global competitions

The components of the initiative include an actual IQrite Multi-touch Frame and Elements Software. The iQRite Multi-touch frame can be applied to an off the shelf LCD or if you wished you could build your own touch table cabinet (using projection or LCD) and simply fit the frame to the top.

Schools will need to be running the Microsoft Windows platform to be able to participate in this initiative.

We envisage that programmes and departments offering IT courses, human interaction, design courses, media courses, rehabilitation, therapy, and the like will be ideal partners in the programme.

There will be a screening and approval process, however this will not be arduous process and will be implemented online.

We would welcome any suggestions from educators, administrators and expressions of interested participants in the iQRite MT Education Programme. Send email to Make sure you add all you contact details and some links that help us understand who you are, what education programmes you are offering or want to move into.