Interactive Multi-touch Retail Shop Window Promotion

Imagine allowing shoppers to access your store and explore all those Xmas goodies for sale inside the store… after you have gone home! Now this is possible to allow shoppers to browse your catalogue and videos from the footpath with the iQRite Multi Touch Shop Window technology.

Interactive Touch Retail Shop Windows

The world has rapidly adopted touch as the coolest trend to get your content at their finger tips. Now we have a special Xmas promotion for our global clients to bring your windows alive.

Our iQRite Interactive Touch foils combined with our multi touch software delivers the state-of-the-art experience right onto the retail shop window. Our unique solution keeps all the equipment on the inside of the window and yet fully interactive from the footpath.

Package One
For use with LCD screens in the store window
ICMS Multi Touch Software – Touch foil kit
Includes delivery world wide
42 inch $US2,848 – 50 inch $US3,059

Package Two
For use with Projector screens in the store window
– ICMS Multi Touch Software
– Projection adhesive ploymer
– Touch foil kit
– Includes delivery world wide
42 inch $US3,169 – 50 inch $US3,399

Dual Touch Windows
Full Interactive Content Software
World wide shipping included

Suitable for LCD monitors or Projection. All software and multi touch hardware components are included. Excludes computer, display technology and installation. Local taxes and duty will apply to your import orders. Please apply for NZ pricing. Pricing quoted is valid for all countries, except NZ.
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Multi Touch Gestures Announced for iQRite Kitset Frame

22 iQRite Multi Touch Gestures

iQRite announces the 22 Gestures to revolutionise your surface

The iQRite iQ1125 Kitset frames is perfect for projection, LCD and plasma panels. Each iQrite Frame can be upgraded from Single to Dual to Multi Touch by simply upgrading the external USB Controller.

The iQRite Infrared Touch Frame is based on patented high precision infra red optical touch technology that detects touch inputs and infra red sensing.

Most existing infra red touch systems do not support high precision because the physical size of the optical sensors limits precision. There have been some recent improvements using a light interpolation technique, however it is still based on software. This kind of software manipulation can not physically improve touch accuracy and its precision can be inconsistent in determining a single touch input from consecutive or multiple inputs.

Unlike other technologies on the market, we have patented our very own infra red technology which offers near pixel level accuracy and extremely fast response times. In addition if offers touch object size recognition, meaning our touch frames can identify whether the touch object is a finger, thumb or a pen. Without the need for a dedicated stylus. Virtually any object can be used as a mouse to perform clicking, smooth dragging and drawing since this technology does not require any ITO coatings. Our touch panels can offer superior clarity and durability at a competitive price. Our touch panel systems can withstand high temperature and humidity. In addition they can be manufactured to be water and dust proof (IP65) to operate in any temperature.

The iQRite Touch Panel is a solid state design. Because it does not deploy any touch overlay or ITO films like capacitance and resistive touch panels, it can work with or without the glass overlay. This unique feature allows for superior clarity, no drift and a simple one time calibration. The aluminium bezel construction makes it very durable and dependable protecting against damage caused by moisture, heat and even vandalism. It has the smallest dimension currently offered for an IR frame in the industry.

The latest iQRite Touch frame model is the iQ1125 series, are easy to assemble and are shipped in compact packages without the glass overlay. This way the end user will save on shipping costs and are able to buy the glass overlay locally without hassle.

If requested a tempered glass overlay can be supplied with your iQRite frame, with optional anti-glare and anti reflection coatings available.

iQRite has a Sister Brand on the dance floor.

iQRite has a sister brand that is creating a world wide buzz in the DJ music business. HoloDesk is the interactive touch desk that is creating a real wave of interest allowing a completely new way of engaging with the audience.

HoloDesk is a suspended interactive dual imaging music console desk that ranges in size from 32″ – 74″ dia. The HoloDesk is a completely self contained unit that allows the audience and the DJ to see the displayed image on both sides of the surface.

HoloDesk logo HoloDesk is being        distributed via selected    resellers and also direct  from ICE AV Technology  Ltd.

The HoloDesk is at the start  of a new wave of interacting  with audiences.

The HoloDesk is a versatile interactive system that is enabling DJs to create the dance floor rhythms in completely new ways

The HoloDesk is manufactured in numerous variants to cater for market preferences. This is includes Single, Limited Dual, Dual Touch, Multi-Touch, Edgeless Surface, Framed Surface. Sizes range from 32″ – 74″ are each system arrives in a breakdown format. Depending on the option it is suitable for Mac, Windows, XP, Win7 etc.

Life after touch interaction with John Underkoffler

John Underkoffler demonstrates the future of frameless based interaction in this TED presentation. Does this mean the iQRite interactive touch frames are already redundant?

Well here at iQRite we believe that there is a long and profitable need for touch based interaction for many years to come. However our industry will evolve and change and exciting new technology will come onto the market in due course.

In talking to a significant DOOH company today reminds me just how far ahead some of us are ahead on the road map and that technology itself may often not be the problem, but local bylaws and customer acceptance may be major road blocks. In New Zealand for example you could count on one hand if not a couple of fingers the number of LED billboard screens in public area other than in stadiums.

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